Confidential Recruitment joins forces with Recruitment Entrepreneur under their REflex offering, backed by James Caan CBE.

Confidential Recruitment, an innovative company dedicated to sourcing top talent for the medical products, pharmaceuticals and healthcare sector was founded by Adam Lingard in 2022. Adam has worked across Europe, Middle-East and North America and within medical products and life sciences, dealing with healthcare providers since 2007.

With the ever-evolving demands of the medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare sectors, finding the right talent has become more critical than ever. Confidential Recruitment recognises this need and is committed to simplifying the hiring process, providing comprehensive solutions for both employers and candidates alike.

What differentiates Confidential Recruitment from its competitors is its success at selling job opportunities to passive candidates by communicating the unique advantages, showcasing growth potential, and highlighting the important culture and values to ensure confidentiality and trust from the candidate.

Adam adds “The most rewarding part of the job is placing a really good candidate with a great employer and knowing that you’ve made a difference to their business and the person’s career”.

Adam and his team of expert specialists put every effort into being the best recruiters in their sector and have gained clients ranging from niche small businesses to multi-national firms that are household names. They leverage a vast network to identify, screen, and present the most qualified and best talent for their clients.

On why Adam decided to partner with Reflex, Adam comments “We believe the knowledge, skills, industry insight, and support provided by RE combined with our skillset and abilities will result in us being able to deliver a better, more effective service”.

Greg Hollis, CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur adds “I look forward to welcoming Adam and his team at Confidential Recruitment to the portfolio. I am confident that with his passion and knowledge for the industry together with our mentorship Confidential Recruitment will grow from strength to strength”.

Ranjit Singh, MD of Reflex adds “From the very first meeting with Adam and hearing about his reasons for setting up Confidential Recruitment, his vision, and passion, I am excited to see how we can help Adam take this business to the next level.”

About Confidential Recruitment
Our talent finders are from their specialty sector. They are highly experienced, not just in hiring and managing but also doing. They understand from both an employer and employee perspective. Added to this vast experience, they have the knowledge, contacts, and relationships throughout their sector to help ensure we match the right talent with the right opportunity.

About Recruitment Entrepreneur
Recruitment Entrepreneur is a multi-award-winning investor in recruitment businesses looking to start-up or scale. Winning the Best Recruitment Business Investor 2020, alongside the Best Recruitment Start-Up Investment Firm 2020. Since 2014, we’ve invested in 35+ talented founders, enabling them to launch and scale successful businesses. Our success lies in our ability to provide not just knowledge, but also knowhow. We have fostered a community of businesses that benefit from the expertise of our dedicated team who provide; funding, financial expertise, operational strategy, back-office support, legal advice, marketing, and talent attraction solutions, all of which enable our partner businesses to flourish. Investing time, money, and experience in people with the potential to become great leaders, we partner with and empower budding entrepreneurs to build world-class recruitment businesses, capable of achieving a high equity value on exit.

We emphasise continual learning and development; supported by CASS Business School and accredited recruitment experts, every member of our portfolio receives professional training to help unlock their full potential.