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Adam Lingard

Adam Lingard

Adam has a wealth of experience in commercial management. Having worked in sales, marketing and general management including fifteen years in life sciences, medical products and devices. Prior to this, employed in the media industry, working internationally. Familiar with employer challenges with a track record of successful recruitment and leadership.

If you’re an employer or a candidate and you prefer talking to a consultant with industry experience and insight, contact Adam for a confidential chat click here or email Adam directly.

John Corner

John Corner

With over 25 years of experience working with pure-play retailers and multi-channel businesses, John has an exceptional eye for identifying top talent for digital roles. His approach to work is guided by a strong moral compass and a commitment to personal integrity, ensuring that he matches the right candidate with the right client.

John fully understands the clients needs and will find the most sought-after digital professionals for the best roles.

Contact John for a confidential chat or click here or email John directly.


Years of combined experience between our partners

Our consultants are partners in Confidential Recruitment, not employees. They are motivated by a genuine belief that the recruitment sector could and should be better than it is. A belief that employers deserve more for their money and candidates deserve to be understood far beyond their CV. That’s also why they don’t work 9 til 5. Indeed, in their experience, they’ve often worked all kinds of hours and days. They understand you might too. Appointments to discuss your needs can be arranged up to 9 pm.

If you would like to talk to Adam or John, contact us and we’ll arrange a confidential chat

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